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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Larry Hego Potter

So, I'll admit it, I'm addicted. And its all Greg's fault and he knows it, and loves the fact. When we were dating Greg and I started playing Lego Indiana Jones. Before this time, I didn't have very much experience playing games on a console, I had always just played games on the computer. But I liked him and so I played. I actually ended up enjoying myself once I got used to the controls. Since we've been married we have played through Lego Star Wars. This was the first Lego game made and you can tell. The perspective is atrocious sometimes, and the camera always follows the number 1 controller. So it was hard for the two of us to get a lot done while playing, it was always one person doing something while the other one watched. Or died. (Me)
But in June Lego Harry Potter came out, and we got it right away. I love it. I really enjoy the book series as well as the movies and I love playing the game. Its not without its issues but I really like how they now have split screen play so we can both be doing something at once and all the different spells you can use and players you can be.
My top ten reasons to play Lego Harry Potter and/or some other Lego game.
1. Most things are made up of Lego pieces and who doesn't love Lego's?
2. You can "be" one of your favorite characters from an iconic movie. (Hermione)
3. You can fly on a broomstick! (or pilot the Millenium Falcon)
4. When you die you fall to pieces, literally.
5. You can be a ghost, performing magic spells or "Use the Force"
6. Try making your character tip-toe
7. Where you go and what you do isn't always completely obvious so it can be a great team-building experience.
8. A lot of items in the game are hidden, which makes for a fun hide and seek game that leaves you feeling rather accomplished after.
9. One of the things Greg doesn't like about Lego HP is that there really isn't a lot of people running after your shooting. But the great thing is that you can run around shooting other students with spells causing them to (among other things) turn into a block of ice, break dance, have a shrunken head.
10. It is super-duper fun!

Here is a trailer for the game showing some of the characters and challenges.

Plus you get all of that great Harry Potter music!
BTW the title from this post came from Greg and had now become our joke about Lego HP.


  1. Doug's nephews love Legos and love the Indiana Jones Legos game. we will have to check out the harry potter one. this may be their christmas gift, thanks for the idea.

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