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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Testing our theory...

Well since just about everybody else is doing it...just kidding, we have actually been talking (or rather mentioning to each other) for a while now about how we should have a blog. I decided that tonight is the night and I did it. So here we are in the blogosphere with very little if anything to say or post but hopefully before long we'll have some stuff here.
But lets talk Willy! Penny just got done playing Mrs. Bucket in the SCERA's recent production of Willy Wonka! For a while now work has been a bit slow and I was considering a lot of things...singing lessons, dance classes, a class at UVU, getting a second job, etc. For some reason I got the idea to try out for a play one day, and it just so happened that two local community theater companies were having auditions in the same week. I got called back for both but Mindy Young (awesome director extraordinaire) offered me the part of Mrs. Bucket first and so I took it. I could hardly believe my luck! I was so excited and nervous and very intimidated when I went to the first rehearsal. I had been in a couple of plays that our stake in California did as a youth (Joseph and Bye Bye Birdie) but I didn't have major roles and I was too scared in high school to try out for anything the school did. So the first couple of rehearsals were a little scary for me. But the very first day I met Amy B. who is an awesome mom and entrepreneur as I would come to find out over the course of the next few days. I met others as time went on including another Amy, my son A.J., hubby Andy and his daughter Leah as well as Jim and James and Jessica and Tiffany. Great people and great talent! We had a lot of fun performing such a silly play even though it was hot as Hades some nights, and the grandparents had to have blankets on top of everything else!
Its been a rough month and a half though, weird late night schedules did not agree with my insomnia and towards the end there I was lucky if I got to see Greg for an hour a day before we both fell asleep exhausted. So this time off is going to be great, though I am sad that I won't be able to dance in Hairspray!
In the spirit of doing things I've always wanted to do but have never done, I decided to give myself a new challenge now that my theater days are over. I decided that I want to train for a triathlon. I love running, but haven't been very motivated lately and I would like to be a better swimmer. I don't really have any designs on biking but it comes with the package. I don't know which one I'll do since this is a recent decision (about 12 hours old) so any suggestions for a sprint would be appreciated!
This seems like a really long post so I'll close up for now. Look for more pics from Willy Wonka (once I get some from Amy, thank you!) and more info about this last weekend when Devon and Sarah were in town.


  1. Woooohooo! Welcome to the blogging world. Can't wait for more pictures of you guys!

  2. How fun to find your blog. I regularly look at Brent and Jenny's blog to get my "Aurora Fix" and I noticed you guys listed. Our Colvin Blog is sadly ignored but maybe that can be changed. I need a tutorial on blogging and Facebook. Karen can do both well but we never seem to have time.
    Love you much, Mom